GW Law

Field Placement Program

Field Placement Information Sheet


A. Agency/organization name
B. Student field supervisor's contact information*
*Required to be a licensed attorney
(Contact name, street address, telephone number, email address, Web site, and fax number)
C. Field supervisor's qualifications**
**Include his/her résumé
(A field supervisor should be an effective and knowledgeable practitioner in the field of law relevant to the placement and should have a strong interest in supervising or teaching law students.)
Please upload a copy of your resume here:
D. Field placement office's statement of purpose
E. Describe in detail student's expected activities



F. What substantive areas of law may an intern at your office expect to learn about during the course of the semester?
G. What skills set(s) may an intern at your office expect to further develop?

Legal research

Legal writing

Other style of writing


Client interviews/counseling

Trial advocacy/litigation

Legal presentations/public speaking

Fact investigation

Other (please describe):

H. How will the field supervisor ensure adequate supervision and feedback?
I. Has the field supervisor acted in such a capacity before?  If so, was it for the same externship opportunity as this one?

Describe the office space student will utilize and available equipment/services
(Location of desk in relation to supervisor's office, access to computer, fax and telephone, available research tools, etc.)


Describe your orientation and training program for interns (Please attach your orientation manual if you have one.)        

Please upload orientation manual here:
L. Does your office instruct interns about confidentiality issues and other relevant legal practice rules?
M. Hourly commitment by student: per week: or per semester: