GW Law

Field Placement Program
Supervisor's Final Evaluation Form
Summer 2014

Due Date:

July 25, 2014

Please remember when completing the form, you must do the following:

(1) Click ‘Click ‘Review Form,’
(2) Review your entries and print or save a copy of the form, and
(3)Click ‘Submit’ to transmit the form.  You will receive a confirmation email when the form transmits properly.
**Please note that the student will not receive credit for his/her externship until this evaluation is received.

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Placement Term:


**Note:  If you are completing this form for a semester other than Summer 2014, stop and contact to obtain a copy of the proper form


Supervisor's First Name:


Supervisor's Last Name:


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Placement Agency/Organization:
Placement Division:

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Please be advised that students must meet the following requirements in order to receive credit for their internships:

  • Complete 60 hours of work per credit
  • Complete 5 pages of work product per credit
  • Submit the Student Final Evaluation
  • Submit a timesheet and a work product log signed by their supervising attorney
Did the student receive any form of compensation for work performed? Please note that the term “compensation” includes, but is not limited to: stipends, reimbursement for expenses (e.g., transportation, meals, etc.), and other non-monetary forms of remuneration.
Yes No

If yes, please describe below:

Student Evaluation


Please be candid in your responses.
This evaluation will not be shared with your student without your permission

1. Please evaluate your extern’s performance according to the scale below:

5 - Excellent Performance: highly effective, efficient and strong performance--often exceeds expectations.
4 - Good Performance: meets expectations, effective.
3 - Satisfactory Performance: meets basic requirements, no particular strengths or serious deficiencies.
2 - Needs Improvement Performance: occasionally fails to satisfy basic requirements and/or meet expectations.
1 - Unacceptable Performance: consistently fails to satisfy basic requirements and/or meet expectations.
N/A -  Not Applicable

  A. Research and Analytical Skills [Insert Rating]
  Does the student properly identify legal issues in fact patterns? Has he/she shown creativity in developing legal theory? Is he/she able to distinguish between relevant and extraneous issues?
  Comments or examples:
  B. Writing Skills [Insert Rating]
  Does the student use proper spelling, grammar and citations in his/her written work product? Is the student able to adapt his/her writing style depending on the assignment/audience? Is the student’s written work product well organized, concise and clear?
  Comments or examples:
  C. Legal Knowledge & Judgment [Insert Rating]

Is the student familiar with the applicable law and procedure?  Has his/her knowledge grown in a particular area of the law? Are the student’s decisions well-reasoned? Are decisions reasonably prompt and accurate?  

  Comments or examples:
  D. Oral/Presentation Skills [Insert Rating]

Does the student communicate clearly? Is the student able to adapt his/her speaking style to the particular audience? Does the student respond well to extemporaneous questions?

  Comments or examples:
  E. Professionalism [Insert Rating]

Has the student demonstrated maturity and good judgment? Does the student communicate with maturity and professionalism (including email correspondence)? Does the student wear appropriate work attire? Does the student behave professionally at work events/work-sponsored social functions?  Is the student receptive to constructive criticism? Is the student dependable and reliable? 

  Comments or examples:


Do you recommend that this student receive credit for his/her externship?

  Yes No
  Comments ?
3. Please provide an evaluation of your interactions with the Field Placement Program, including recommendations for improvements.
Is your office interested in hosting a GW Law extern in the future?
  Yes No
  If so, whom should students contact for additional information?
  First Name:  
  Last Name:
  Email Address: