GW Law

Field Placement Program
Supervisor's Final Evaluation Form
Spring 2013

Due Date:
April 26, 2013 for all graduating students
May 3, 2013 for all other students
Please remember when completing the form, you must do the following:

(1) Click ‘Click ‘Review Form,’
(2) Review your entries and print or save a copy of the form, and
(3)Click ‘Submit’ a second time to transmit the form.  You will receive a confirmation email when the form transmits properly.
**Please note that the student will not receive credit for his/her externship until this evaluation is received.

Student’s First Name:


Student’s Last Name:


Placement Term:


**Note: Note:  If you are completing this form for a semester other than Spring 2013, stop and contact for the proper form


Supervisor's First Name:


Supervisor's Last Name:


Supervisor's Title:


Supervisor's Email:


Placement Agency/Organization:
Placement Division:

Placement Office/Section:





Please be advised that students must meet the following requirements in order to receive credit for their internships:

  • Complete 60 hours of work per credit
  • Complete 5 pages of work product per credit
  • Submit the Student Final Evaluation
  • Submit a time log and a work product log signed by their supervising attorney
Submit copies of their work product (to be reviewed by Field Placement Program staff ONLY).

Student Evaluation

Did the student receive any form of compensation for work performed? Please note that the term “compensation” includes, but is not limited to: stipends, reimbursement for expenses (e.g., transportation, meals, etc.), and other non-monetary forms of remuneration.
Yes No
If yes, please describe below:


2. Is the student’s work product privileged?
  Yes No
  **Note: If a student’s work product is privileged, and cannot be submitted to the Program for review in redacted form, please select “Yes.”
  Additional Comments


3. Please describe and evaluate the student's overall work performance this semester, including whether the extern provided a significant contribution to your office, or demonstrated particular strength or skill on certain projects or in certain areas of the law.


Would you recommend this student receive academic credit for his/her externship?

  Yes No
  Why or why not?
5. Please provide an evaluation of the Field Placement Program, including recommendations for improvements.
Are you interested in supervising a GW Law extern in the future?
Yes No


If so, please provide us with a Point of Contact:

  First Name:   Last Name:

Do you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns regarding your student extern, the Field Placement Program or GW Law School?